Due to overload, we will no longer be onboarding new clients for agronomy services until 2025, except for some market garden operations. I will be on leave for all of August—please schedule your agronomy work either before or after this period. Apologize for the inconvenience.

Our online store will remain open.


Biological soil health services                            

...reviving produce quality, plant health and yield                                                         

through the principles of regenerative agriculture                                                                  


Soils can be restored

Specialised in developing soil restoration programs; By optimising Soil structure, water, nutrition, photosynthesis efficiency and bioactivity any soil can be restored.  VSS’s approach to soil health is summarised in our Principles of Soil Health page.

Vital Soils is dedicated to help growers put the pieces together and build their own plan to achieve these transformations. What would that look like in your operation?

Soil Health Principles

How did Vital Soils start?  

By digging deep and asking hard questions. Read the story below;

The greatest impediment to innovation is preconceived ideas”

Read the Background Story


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There is no system on the farm more complex than the soil. It degrades from lack of sound management principles and the farm struggles with increasing disease, poor quality and disappointing yields. I’m passionate to take the complicated out of soil management and make it simple for anyone to discover how to unlock the treasures in the soil. I founded VSS to advocate sound principles of soil management and support the transition to regenerative ag systems. By learning, planning and acting for our soils we can restore our land. Let’s take care of our soil, and it will take care of us.

Ian Mot 

Founder & Agronomist M.Ag S (Melb Uni)

Specialising in Soil Health and Plant Nutrition

Agronomy Services provided Australia wide

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